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Motorsport Dlr Solutions

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Motorsport Dealer Solutions Division of Fleet Warranty Group.


With advanced programs like:

  Total Loss Protection
with two levels of Protection $2,500 and up to $5,000 coverage.
  Pays you direct and refers your customer back to you to collect his Credit on his replacement vehicle.
Pays out in addition to his regular insurance.
Provide an extra level of protection for the extra Accessories your customer wants.
This is the only " GAP type product" that pays out for all buyers:
 Cash Buyers, Finance Buyers or Leases
AND it drives the customer back to you.....................


Stand Alone Roadside Assistance :
A competitively priced F & I product for long term protection, to supplement the Factory Warranty.


Have you ever want to know your customer's Fico score without pulling a hard credit report ?
Wouldn't it be great to know he qualifies before we
spend a lot of time with him ?

Now you can pull a SOFT report and get that FICO score with just a name and address. Best of all it doesn't show as a inquiry on his Credit Report.


A Turn Key Solution offering:

Service Contracts

GAP 125% and 150%

Wheel & Tire

and more

We have the solutions you clamor for



Nitro Fill

Fill those high speed, high performance tires with Nitrogen

Bring that customer back monthly to check his tire pressure.

He is locked in he needs to top off with Nitro Fill.

Includes a suite of CRM tools


Retail GPS Locating System so friends or relatives can monitor your progress or you can help authorities locate your stolen Power sport Vehicle..


Wheel and Tire protection


 Anti Theft Protection

PPM creates the need to visit regularly...

Just more proof Fleet Warranty loves Power Sports Dealers.....

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