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What's NEW!!    

Quick inexpensive traffic drivers.......

1) FWG 's Great 6 Month Roadside Assistance Gift just $10

2) Identity Recovery Program 1,2,3,4,5 years .

3) 3 Month / 3,000 mile PT including Wear & Tear and $0 deductible.

4) Your OWN CPO program ask us HOW ?

Four great give away programs to make the phone ring..........

Fleet Warranty Strives to help Dealers maintain profits!

You asked for more TRAFFIC DRIVING ideas !!
 Here are just a few....

# 1

Separate your Dealership from the heard, become a Leader in your Market.....

Check out the PCE Plug-In on the PCE page

# 2

Want to make your Internet Department an Instant Negotiator

Take a look at the instaDEAL Plug-In

Click the PDF below

1.6 MB

# 3
Use Fleet Warranty's Tried and True CPO Program
  Certified Pre - Owned Vehicle
Get Higher Sales Prices!!
Public's perception of value...
The majors spent millions telling them they need to buy certified used cars..

They are better, have been inspected, had to pass rigid guidelines and they come with a WARRANTY....

You can't beat perceived value..
Our  program is complete with:

110 Point Inspection Report

 3 Months/3,000 Miles PT Warranty
Then Up-sell All the way to Exclusionary VSC  for

 to make a little extra profit.

Warranty specific Buyer's Guide, window clings & custom license plates available at a small cost.

There is no extra cost or start up fees, no administration fees.

Signage is available:
 pole signs, flag signs, banners

Ask a Fleet Agent HOW?


# 4
Don't feel the CPO program is for you
Want to give them the value and a reason to buy from you....

Include a " Warranty and Roadside assistance with each vehicle sold" Advertise it - customers want it.

Not sold - Ask your help, customers yourself. " If two vehicles are alike - condition, mileage and price, but one includes a Warranty and Roadside Assistance. Which one do you call on FIRST?"

If you are driving past dealer row and one dealer has a banner out - "Warranty and Roadside Assistance Included....." Which store do you stop at FIRST?
I know I want to be FIRST because there won't be a second I'll close them....

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